5 Key Business Etiquette Tips

If you plan on building your business or are looking to make a good impression with those you work with, you need to focus on these business etiquette tips. Some people make mistakes with formal etiquette as they have never had instruction, some mistakes may be honest mistakes that end up offending another coworker or business contact. Here are 5 business etiquette tips that will help you stay on top in the business world.

1. Be on Time – If you say that you are going to meet, whether it’s online or in person, you need to make sure that you are on time or even better early. If you are late it can be seen as a signal of disrespect to the other person. If you are late in business it also gives the impression that you are not capable or responsible, this is one of the most important business etiquette tips to remember.

2. Remember Names– This may sound simple however if you are introduced to someone and you forget their name this can make you look not only unintelligent but disorganized. Of all the business etiquette tips this one you should focus on. Many people will take offense to someone forgetting their name.

3. No Technology– If you know that you are going to be in a meting then you need to think ahead of time. Make sure to switch off your cell phone. It may seem hard to live without your text messages and phone calls however the negative consequences to your business & career make the momentary inconvenience worthwhile.

4. Be Prepared– Before you meet with a client or those in your own company you should have ideas and possible solutions ready to benefit your time together. If you arrive with some thoughts and solutions to boost your current project or business goals you will appear organized and highly qualified.

5. Look the Part – Of all the varied business etiquette tips we must not forget appearance. If you want to be a successful business person then you should display this ambition in the way you present yourself. If you are not sure of how to dress it’s always a good idea to appear more conservative.

If you follow these businesses etiquette tips you will solidly boost your potential for success and help to build your personal networking abilities. These points will help you in business but they will also transfer over to your personal living as well. Good luck!