Business Development Tips For An Outsourcing Business

Understand the handling of the business before contemplating outsourcing it offshore. Determine what facet of the business you want to outsource, why you want to do so, who will handle the offshore project and the time frame for its completion. Contact the outsourcing business company to do the necessary things.

Tips for outsourcing:

1. Define the current process. It allows you to understand the requirements and details of what actually needs to be done. It should be non-ambiguous and offer a measurement method. Information of specific customer queries and time required is of great help while transferring that process over to your new outsourcing partner.

2. Do a cost analysis of the proposed process. Have a realistic and solid estimate of the current operating costs of the process under consideration for outsourcing. Consider all the costs involved, even the marginalized expenditure to have a clear picture. The in-house calls can be answered within a certain time because of available support, but on transfer it can take longer both in time and in cost. Consider the costs honestly to work out the beneficial cost saving for the business.

3. Manage the relationship. Make efforts to establish a good relationship. Have a clear understanding of transfer terms. Communication channels should always be open with a flexible attitude. A liaison officer should take responsibility to address staff concerns of their jobs. He should keep the staff informed and have an effective and regular dialogue within the company. Transfer of employees should conform to employment legislation. A flexible contract benefiting both parties can be drafted. It allows you to innovate to changing circumstances and renegotiate the contract before the term ends for the employee’s benefit.

4. Aim for smooth transition. Even with good planning, a lot of times the transition or migration of an employee can cause many problems. It can be litigator in nature or lead to severance of a good employee. Since it’s a learning curve for both the parties, use this opportunity to modify the service level agreement (SLA) for the future.

5. Measure success. Quantify and measure the benefits your company accrues for outsourcing. The foremost is the financial benefit for the company. It could also lead to notching higher profile and credibility for your company. Outsourcing means fewer defects in your work and greater speed for work completion in optimum cost and time frame.

6. Plan a clear exit strategy. Have a clear exit term integrated in your service level agreement (SLA). Clarify who owns what and how much percentage of both movable/immovable assets. Specify the compensation or severance due in case of end of partnership. This clause is very important for amicable dissolution of collaboration if the relationship ends prematurely or simply runs its course.

Off shoring a part of your business makes sound economic sense, as it can lead to substantially reduced operating costs. A clear understanding of the outsourced work will avoid many a pitfall later and yield better results.

Business Writing Tips to Create Attractive Ads For Your Business

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Trying to get the word out about a business can sometimes be difficult, especially with so much competition in every field. Advertising can generate a lot business for any company. It is important to generate effective advertisements for marketing purposes. Knowing some business writing tips can help any company to take in more clientele.

A powerful headline is one of the most crucial aspects of an advertisement. This is the first thing that people see. If it does not capture their interest, then they will simply pass it by and move on to another ad without reading what the company is about. Try coming up with a list of benefits for the service or product and decide which is the most enticing. Include this attractive advantage in the headline. It is also possible to use a headline that centers around a problem that this particular benefit of the company can solve. This will attract the attention of people experiencing that specific issue.

Be sure to include all information, but in a concise manner. The advertisement should have complete information about products and services so the potential customers understand exactly what it is about. It sometimes works well to write out an overly detailed description in order to ensure that everything has been included. Then cut this excessively long depiction down to a few finer points. There should always be a descriptive paragraph that talks about the specific benefit that has been used in the headline.

Always know how much space is available for the ad before trying to write it. Cut the advertisement down accordingly. Failure to cut the ad down to size can result in important information in the end of the description being cut. If necessary, use abbreviation in order to fit more in the ad. Make sure that all abbreviations are clear and understandable so that no one is confused about what is being offered.

Try writing two different advertisements. Certain ads are more effective overall, while some variations will simply target different audiences. Run each one in the same publication, but at different times. Measure which one is more effective to determine which one should be used again. Be sure to use techniques which will help gauge which ad people are responding to the most. Try doing things like telling people to contact a different person in each advertisement, so when they call and ask for that specific person, it will be easy to determine which one they are responding to.

Effective advertising is an extremely important aspect of generating business for a company. Writing is a major part of creating an advertisement. Following some simple business writing tips to create attractive ads can help anyone to attract customers to utilize the goods and services of their company.

3 Summer Business Building Tips

Summer is almost over, but it’s not too late to implement these 3 summer business building tips. This Monday Marketing Moment offers tips to keep your sales high during the hottest months of the year.

For many small business owners, summer represents a slump in sales. Many of our potential customers are more interested in vacations and outdoor activities than in office meetings and store visits. Rather than let your sales suffer, follow these 3 business building tips to give your company a boost this summer:

  1. Head outside with your products or services. Many communities offer festivals, fairs and other outdoor vending opportunities for reasonable prices. Locate your city’s event calendar and choose the events your target market will frequent. For example, if you sell one-of-a-kind jewelry, then your target may expect you at a cultural fair over a low-priced crafts event.
  2. Run a summer-only special or contest. Rhonda B. Reece, owner of handcrafted copper craft store Phoenix’s Inspirations, suggests a refer-a-friend promotion to increase your mailing list. Give current customers a special referral link to your mailing list subscription form or include a “how did you learn about this list” question to track referrals. Once customers reach a certain referral level, they receive a high value coupon for your products or services. As Rhonda states, “who would not want to get a coupon for just having their friends sign-up for alerts from your company.” Your customers will be happy, and you will have gained a solid list of new mailing list subscribers.
  3. Strengthen your strategic alliances. If your business is suffering a summer slump, then it’s likely that other businesses have the same problem. Partner with a similar business to offer referrals and run promotions. For example, if your business offers massage and another business has a manicure and pedicure service, partner up for a summer pampering event. If you have a business that caters to other entrepreneurs, such as consulting or design, partner up with similar businesses to give in-person or web-based workshops. Not only will you establish yourself as an expert in your field, but you may also get new clients from the audience.

These tips are sure to get your small business headed in the right direction this summer.

This article, by Dequiana Brooks, was originally published in Gemini Magazine.